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Apricot Designs I-Pipette Personal Pipettor

i-pipette 2stage


Apricot Design i-Pipette series, is an affordable personal multichannel pipetting robot (liquid handler) ideal for low volume microtitre plates and serial dilutions. i-Pipette is fast and available in 6 different models for dispensing with high presission

The i-Pipette series offers high-performance pipetting for the lowest investment, bringing multichannel pipetting into reach for any laboratory. These 96 or 384 channel high performance pipettors are ideal for low-volume or high-volume multichannel microplate pipetting and for serial dilution applications. Three basic models are available: The i-PB96-500 for working with higher volumes, the i-PB96-125 for lower volumes and the i-PB-384 for low volumes with full 384 channel capability. The microprocessor-controlled pipetting mechanism provides accurate and precise pipetting of microliter volumes of samples into 96 or 384-well microplates. The high-speed pipetting system provides short processing times by delivering liquids through up to 96 or 384 channels simultaneously with precise volume control.

The i-Pipette is an exciting new product that will be a benefit for any laboratory that needs to routinely perform pipetting operations onto microplates. Until now, the capabilities of an automated 96-channel pipettor have required price investments that are out of reach for many labs. With the i-Pipette, now you can have the benefits of multichannel pipetting at an easy price point. The i- Pipette is based on proven automated pipetting engineering from Apricot Designs. Apricot Designs has been continuously developing, improving and offering multichannel pipettors for more than two decades. Apricot Designs has always focused on flexible, affordable, compact, versatile, easy to use, and reliable solutions for the lab. This expertise has been focused on bringing automation capabilities within reach of every lab.

The i-Pipette uses Apricot Designs’ unique head design which employs high-precision manufacturing to produce reasonablypriced heads that are independent of the pipetting mechanism. The user can clamp the pipetting head in a manner of seconds using a simple lever for the basic series or via push-button control for the pro series, allowing simple and easy set-up for the task at hand. For the most flexibility, the i-Pipette allows manual indexing of the pipetting head for accessing 384-well plates with a 96-channel version or for accessing 96-well plates with a 384-channel version (with 96-channel head), and also uses manual indexing for serial dilutions by row or column.

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