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Applications CT3 Texture Analyzer

ct3Typical Applications

Non-Food Applications

Adhesives, Asphalt, Candles, Cosmetics, Creams, Detergent, Dextrane, Foams, Grease, Gum, Packaging, Paint, Personal Care, Polymers, Rubber, Sealants, Silicone, Soap, Sponges and Wax

Food Applications

Biscuits, Bread, Butter, Cakes, Candies, Cheese, Chocolate, Confectionery, Cookies, Crackers. Diary Products, Fruits, Gels/Gelatin, Margarines, Meat Products, Pet Foods, Pudding, Sauces, Snack Foods, Spread Starch Surimi

Parameters Measured

Elasticity Hardness Cohesiveness Burst Strength Breaking Point Fracturability Gel Strength

Ripeness Yield Point SpreadabilityTackiness Consistency Relaxation Pliability Adhesiveness Firmness



General CT3 Probe Kit for many Applications

General Probe Kit 

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