CAP 1000+ & CAP 2000+ Rheometers


CAP 1000+ AND CAP 2000+ Cone/Plate Digital Viscometers

Compact and robust instrument which is well suited for continuous testing of the product both in the lab and in production. The instrument is easy to operate and clean. With the ability to measure at speeds up to 1000 rpm with a shear rate of up to 10,000 sec ^ -1. The sample temperature can be adjusted between 5-75 centigrade for the L model and 50-235 of the H-model.

CAP 1000 + comes with two selectable speeds between 5-1000rpm while CAP 2000 + has selectable speeds in the same range.

The software can be used with CAPCALC32 Cap 2000 + and allows for writing programs that run on the instrument. The software also allows for plotting and analysis of collected data, and exporting to Excel.

single speed instrument ideal for QC

CAP 2000+: variable speed instrument ideal for R&D and detailed QC

  • New Higher Viscosity Range

  • New Lower Shear Rate Range (10 sec¹ to 13,300      sec¹)

  • Designed to handle repetitive testing in      production environments (one button operation)

  • Automatic cone/gap positioning

  • Easy to set up and clean with choice of built-in      temperature control

  • L Series: 5° C      to 75° C - H Series: 50° to 235° C

  • Extremely small sample size (less than 1 mL)

  • Automated PC control on CAP2000+ (Using optional      CAPCALC software)

  • High Shear Rate Cone & Plate (10.00 sec¹)

The CAP 1000+ Viscometer is appropriate for a wide range of materials, including Paints & Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants, Polymers & Resins, and more.